End-to-End Broadcasting Solution

The world's first completely integrated sales, traffic, broadcast automation, and accounting system.

Increase Revenue

In addition to selling traditional spot advertising, the system also introduces the ability to sell new types of advertisements such as snipes that appear as part of the program. This eliminates the possibility of DVR's removing the advertisements since skipping them also skips part of the recorded program! This robust form of advertising introduces new revenue potentials.

Reduce Costs

Our patented system is designed to be simple enough for one person to run an entire station and powerful enough to control every aspect of the station's broadcast schedule. Once a sales rep enters a contract into the system, all of the spots are automatically scheduled in their proper time slots.

Expand Reach

The Media Panache Station System is designed to support multiple media outlets, including traditional radio and TV broadcast, Internet streaming, and broadcast to mobile phones. The same station can be simulcast to viewers on several platforms and stations without the need to maintain multiple schedules and systems.

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